Will you use Messenger bots or ManyChat to get more leads for me?

Currently, LeadCycle does not use Messenger bots or ManyChat to get leads for you. What we do is utilise the Facebook Ads platform, specifically Facebook Lead Ads. That’s how we are able to do what we do, very effectively. Some say that we are the best in the country at generating a steady flow of leads into the businesses of our clients.

If you are interested in utilising Messenger, or indeed ManyChat, then the Entrepreneurs Circle, the mother organisation of LeadCycle, can definitely help you. Within this program we run training courses most months on both of those elements. There is a fantastic ManyChat/Messenger course; a workshop event where you are able to come here and spend a day with our expert team. You get to set up your ManyChat campaigns and indeed, all of your messages, so that you can run the lead flow all the way through and do it all whilst you are here with us.

I do not rule out that we will extend LeadCycle services into the ManyChat arena, but there are currently no plans for that to happen, certainly not in the next few months. For now, we’re focusing on doing one thing, and doing it really well. Focusing on Facebook Lead Ads to generate a consistent, steady flow of leads into your business.