How will I know how my campaigns are doing?

Fundamentally, there are two ways that you’ll know how your Facebook Ad campaigns are doing. The first way, probably the most important, is that you’ll be receiving an email every single time your campaign generates a lead. You will know via your inbox the extent of which the flow of leads is happening.

Now for some business. There may be a flow of leads that amount to dozens in a day. For others, you might only want a dozen a week. That will all be part of the setup call, but you’ll know your campaign is working when those leads start to drop into your inbox. Of course, it’s very important that those leads are all handled properly, and that’s part of setting up the targets and the goals for the campaign.

What you don’t want is to get loads of leads that you can’t handle effectively.

Know that the lead flow will be agreed upon between you and your Facebook Ad Manager, and then those emails will be the manifestation of those campaigns. That’s the first way you know that your ads are working. The second way that you’ll know how your campaign is doing is at the end of every cycle (typically monthly). You will get a very beautiful, very clear, very simple report that will be emailed to you from your Facebook Ad Manager. In many cases, they’ll add comments and commentary to that report and they’ll give you their recommendations on what they believe should happen next month.

All the details and all the stats will be in there. It’s nicely presented graphically as well, and of course you can talk to your Ad Manager about that report or indeed any aspect of your company at any time.

Emails when leads are generated and the report at the end of each month are the two fundamental ways that you’ll always know how your Facebook campaigns are running.