What will my Facebook Ad Manager do for me?

Your Facebook Ad Manager, in simple terms, is going to do everything to make your campaign successful. The way we have set this up within LeadCycle, is that the person you talk to on your setup call – and subsequently when you’re reviewing your different campaigns – is the person who is going to be doing the work for you.

We haven’t built any layers in here; there isn’t someone fronting it who then passes all the work down to a little team of minions somewhere. Because with Facebook Ads, to make them work properly, it’s really important, that the person doing the campaign (setting it up, crafting the copy, preparing the images, etc.) understands the fabric and the DNA of the business that they’re dealing with. And that’s what my team of Facebook Ad Managers is here to do.

When you come onboard, you’ll be sent some pre-call prep ahead of your setup call. On that setup call, it’s about you educating and informing your Facebook Ad Manager in a very structured way, so they understand what you’re trying to achieve, what it is about your business that is important to you, and critically, of course, what is important to your customers.

They will help you craft and create the offers that you want to run on the ads, the ones that will get a response.

Your Facebook Ads Manager will:

  • Put the copy together
  • Work on the images
  • Set up the campaigns
  • Optimise the Facebook campaigns
  • Guide you around your advertising budget and how much you should spend
  • Take personal care to ensure that your budget is never exceeded and that you get the best value from that advertising spend

Then at the end of the cycle, they’ll share the results with you and guide and advise you on what they believe you should be doing next. You’ll have a conversation with them and agree on a way forward, and then they’ll be the ones that will make it happen.

It’s a very comprehensive service, but your single point of contact will primarily be your Facebook Ad Manager. Obviously, we have a team of these Ad Managers, so when people are on holiday or they are away, they are able to cover for each other, but fundamentally, your Ad Manager will be your point of contact and they will steer you through every element of your Facebook Ad campaign.