When will you start getting leads?

In reality, you can expect to start receiving leads within a couple of days following the start of your test cycle, and your test cycle will begin a week or so after your setup call.

You can book your setup call just as soon you’ve signed up for the service, so in that regard, it’s all linked and laid out for you. There’s a chronology to it. Once we’re in the test phase, we’ll be running multiple ads and testing which ones are going to get the best response for you. You will get leads during that phase but it’s at the end of the test phase that things are really going to get interesting.

Here’s why. When we’re down to the two or three ads that work best for you, we start to focus all of your ad spending budget on those Facebook ads that are proven to work well.

You’ll feel the excitement when your lead flow starts to increase!

Not only will you be receiving more leads, but they start costing you less money than when you were in the test phase, but it is essential to go through the test phase in order to reach this point. You’ll start getting leads roughly 10 days to 14 days after you’ve come onboard for our service. That’s when most people begin to receive emails popping into their inboxes, with their leads arriving from the LeadCycle Facebook Ads.