What is a lead ad?

A lead ad, or a lead generation ad, is a very specific type of Facebook ad. It looks the same as all the other types of Facebook ads: it has text, an image, etc. Yet it is different. Whereas most Facebook ads when clicked will send users to a landing page or a website outside of Facebook, Lead Ads don’t do that.

When you click a Lead Ad, it opens up as a form within Facebook, and that form is auto-filled by Facebook (because Facebook knows everything about the person who is viewing that page). They know their name, they know their email address, and they know their phone number. And the Lead Ad, when you click it on the form, is prefilled with all that information.

In just two clicks, you get a lead!

The prospect clicks the ad once, it pops up the form, and it simply says “submit”. You can get a lead in less than two seconds from the potential catch. What’s really fantastic about Facebook Lead Ads is that you have no need for a landing page on your website. You don’t need to do any work to your website, because your Facebook ads – when you’re running Lead Ads – are not going to send people to your website. You’re just going to get the lead. There is no further work needed from your perspective. It also means that your conversion rate of people clicking the ad, to becoming a lead, become much higher.

When you are sending people to a landing page, they leave Facebook. The quality and the effect of that landing page plays a huge part in whether that potential prospect fills out the form, and if they fill out all the information on that form. So, even if you get a lead on the traditional ad, you won’t always get a true lead when people click.

You don’t always get a lead with Lead Ads, either. After all, they do have to click the ‘submit’ button. Typically, what we find with Facebook Ads is that when you’re sending people to a landing page, something between 10 – 20% of people that click the ad will turn into a lead. With Lead Ads, we find somewhere between 60 – 70% of the people that click the ad will turn into a lead. In essence, your advertising budget is being spent much more effectively with Lead Ads.

You are not paying for anything such as clicks that don’t turn into leads with Lead Ads. And of course, the quality of information that you get is also better because that information is coming straight out of Facebook – you aren’t relying on people typing it in. So, we get more updated information, better quality of phone numbers and email addresses and contact information than when you are asking people to fill a form in.

When the leads are generated within Facebook, they are saved to your Facebook page. You can go in there and download the leads anytime you want, or they will sit and wait there for when you are ready to view them. As part of the LeadCycle service, we will send you an email every time someone fills in the lead form. Now you have two ways of getting the leads from a Lead Ad.

A Lead Ad has significant benefits

For starters, it is by far the most effective advertising type that we run in our own business. We get a much better return on our investment from our Lead Ads than we do from any other form of advertising. Plus, it has the added benefits of being easier to carry out, because you can forget all the extra work revolving around websites and highly functional landing pages. It eliminates all the risks that come with them, in terms of diluting the response and messing up the actual number of leads that you receive.