What happens if my Facebook Ads don’t work?

There may be a number of reasons why your Facebook Ads don’t work; and whatever they are, we’ll tackle it head-on with you. Chances are that the strategy was wrong in the first place. All marketing comes back to a very basic principle of understanding who your target market is. What is your compelling reason for that market to take actions; what’s your important message? And then, what’s the best way to get your message to the market? That’s the media.

We call it market, message, media; and with Facebook Ads, this is how we will generate leads for you. Leads on their own do not pay the bills. It is only when those leads start spending money as they become “customers” do they help pay your bills and enable you to make a profit. It might be that your Facebook Ads work in so far as they’re generating leads, but you’re not able to convert enough of those leads into paying customers. Well, that’s a problem then with the conversion.

Or it may be an entirely different problem, because the people we’re attracting with the ads are the wrong people to become customers. So, we start to go back and unpick the ad strategy and see what is happening. Sometimes with the market, the audience that we showed our ads to isn’t the right one. For whatever reason, they’re not, and their propensity to spend on what you have offered isn’t sufficiently high enough.

Sometimes the copy and the images have a big impact. We can get really good clicks and really good leads, but they’re not from the right people. Other times, with the copy and the images we might struggle. Either way, we can try different ones. We can refresh it, and we go into test.

With Facebook Ads, if you’ve gone through our Facebook Ads quiz, Should I Run Facebook Ads?, and if your score from that quiz and the report that you’ve got is sufficiently high, certainly if you’re scoring above seven, then the fundamentals are in place that suggest Facebook ads should work for you; providing it’s done properly.

If it’s not working for you, we’re going to unpick it and find out which bits are going wrong; and we’ll do that very scientifically. We’ll start at the beginning and look at which bits are not working.

Are the leads flowing?

If they are, but the sales aren’t coming through, then it’s most likely a conversion issue.

If the leads aren’t flowing, it’s probably an ad issue or an audience issue. In this case we also have to look at the offer. Either way, we’ll confront it head-on. When you work with LeadCycle, you will be getting a fantastic return on your investment; and, as I say, if you come through the Facebook Ads test with a high score, I’m very confident we can find a way to make this work for you. Most of the time, it works very well from the offer alone. Occasionally, there’s a problem. When there’s a problem, we’ll help you to unpick it; but it’s about being forensic and thoughtful, setting your emotions aside, to visualise where the difficulties are.