LeadCycle - Pricing


There are TWO elements which make up your investment in LeadCycle

(it is an investment by the way, not a cost, because you should expect a very positive return).

1. Your LeadCycle Fee

We make this very simple:

  • There’s a one-off Set-Up Fee of £399 + VAT.
  • And a fixed monthly charge of £497 + VAT per month.

There’s no contract and you can cancel at any time, just give us 3-months notice.

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2. Your Ad Spend

In addition to your LeadCycle subscription you’ll need to fund your Facebook Ad spend (i.e. pay for Facebook to show your ads to people and generate leads).

To be clear, we don’t charge a percentage of your ad spend like most agencies do. Every penny of your ad budget will be spend on ads.

More good news is that thanks to our processes and optimisation, your ad spend will be as low as possible (i.e. you can expect to get more leads for your money using LeadCycle than if you ran a campaign yourself, for instance).

On your initial ‘Discovery Call’ you’ll decide, with help from your Ad Manager, exactly how much you want to spend on your Facebook Ads on a weekly or monthly basis.

We recognize that lots of factors come into play here, but one of the most important ones will be how many leads you want – and how much you can afford to pay for them.

As a very rough guide, for many businesses the cost of leads from Facebook is likely to be between £2 and £10 each.

Some campaigns can generate leads for less than £2 per lead and some cost more than £10 per lead but that range is a good guide to begin with until we start testing your specific campaign.

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Dedicated Ads Manager
One Monthly Ad Campaign
Campaign Set Up Call
Custom Audience Creation
Ad Content Creation (images & copy)
Help & Guidance with Offer creation
Dynamic Campaign Split-Testing
27 Unique Ad Variations
Real Time Budget Optimisation
New Lead Notification via Email
Monthly Campaign Reports
Monthly Performance Review
Monthly Cost (+VAT) £497