Do page ‘Likes’ really matter?

Well, they used to.

It was a big deal when you got 100 likes, 1,000 likes and counting, but nowadays the truth is that they don’t actually make a lot of difference in your business. Certainly, when it comes to Facebook ads, they won’t impact your results at all.

Bottom line is this, likes on your page don’t pay the bills and they don’t generate any revenue. Unlike three or four years ago, people who like your Facebook page no longer get to see everything that you post on it. The Facebook algorithm is far more sophisticated nowadays and just because you post something on your page, it no longer gets seen on the newsfeed by everyone who has liked your page.

In that regard, the number of likes is massively less important now than it was three or four years ago. When it come to Facebook Ads and generating quality leads for your business, the number of likes you have is completely irrelevant. There are plenty of other things that you want to focus on. The amount of likes is not one of them.