Do I need a landing page on my website in order to run Facebook Ads?

Regular Facebook Ads typically take people off Facebook, and onto your website. You would therefore need a landing page to receive that person and collect their details while you generate your leads. But you don’t have to do things that way!

What we use in LeadCycle is Facebook Lead Ads. Instead of leaving Facebook and going to a website, it opens up a form within Facebook, which Facebook very helpfully pre-populates for you. People can easily click the submit button within Facebook and you get the lead, along with all the necessary information.

With Facebook Lead Ads, there is no need for a website and no need for landing pages.

This is great, because there is so much less work that has to happen in order for you to generate leads. It also means that the conversion rate of leads to clicks is much, much higher. When you are sending people to a landing page, you introduce another element into the success of the ad. People might like the ad in Facebook, but when they click through, for whatever reason, the landing page isn’t resonating with them and they don’t fill in their details, so you never get the lead.

On average, when you are using Facebook Ads which go to landing pages, you’ll get anywhere between 10 – 20% of people to click on the ad; a click which you have paid for. With Facebook Lead Ads, somewhere around 60 – 70% of people will typically fill in the form within Facebook. You get much higher conversions with a lot less work and the leads that are generated through Facebook Lead Ads are saved to your Facebook page.

When you’re a LeadCycle customer, you receive an email every single time a lead is filled in.

So, going back to the core question, you do not have to have a landing page to be successful in business and you certainly don’t need one if you are using the LeadCycle service. It is not required at all because we are going to run the Facebook Lead Ads for you. We are not going to take potential customers outside of Facebook to your website, so there’s no work needed from you.