Must you always have an offer on a Facebook Ad?

Well, the answer is ‘yes’, but probably not in the way that you’re thinking.

When we say offer, what we mean is that your ad has to have something in it that is sufficiently compelling enough for someone to want to click on it, but that doesn’t mean you are giving away stuff for free, or that you are knocking a huge percentage off your regular prices. In fact, some of the best offers are when people can access information and knowledge about how to do/achieve/create something.

One of our most successful campaigns on which we’ve run Facebook ads was when we were giving away a 32-page electronic PDF. It was an e-book that I’d written, but it was very pertinent and specific to an audience. It ran very well as an ad and anyone could get a free copy of the book.

That was a great offer, yet there was no discount or anything like that involved.

When you’re dreaming up your potential ads, recognise that there must be something in that ad that is sufficiently compelling, that is relevant and of interest to your target market, and that they are going to want to click on the ad and receive something from you. That’s what you’ll need to be thinking about when you start the process.

Don’t fret too much over the details, because your Facebook Ad Manager will talk you through the steps and give you lots of ideas of how to make it work! We’ve got all sorts of plans that we can inspire you with and some things that we can suggest for you to prepare when it comes to crafting your offer, but it will all need to be there and it will be an important topic on the agenda during our initial setup call.