How much should it cost for someone to run Facebook Ads for me?

A very interesting question, and there are lots of variants to the answer. If you do a quick Google search, and look at agencies that run Facebook Ads, you will find plenty of agencies. What you’ll typically find are fees of £1,500 a month, or they charge you 20% of the ad spend and there is a minimum ad spend of £5,000 a month! Most Facebook Ad agencies out there are geared to run Facebook Ads for big businesses and that means they charge a lot of money. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

One of the reasons that I set up LeadCycle was to provide an alternative. If you look harder and go down from the big agencies, there are cheaper alternatives. However, most of them are what we call ‘wannabes’. They are the kind of one-man bands in their bedroom, doing it on the side, or doing it part-time around the kids being in school. Nothing wrong with that at all, just to be clear, but they won’t have the expertise or focus that we have here at LeadCycle.

Someone once described LeadCycle as Goldilocks. It could be because everything was just right. Not sure whether it’s the porridge or the beds, but the truth is we’re very professional and we are very effective at what we know how to do best. No one has more experience in this field and we are doing this ourselves to test it out, continuously retesting too, and spending our own money because we are learning all the time and developing our skills, and eventually those skills get passed onto our well-trained team.

With our excellent track record of not only growing businesses, but generating leads, we’re a great player to have on your team.

Of course, our price point is just a smidge under £400 a month. And for a steady stream of leads in your business, for a tap that you have control of the flow of those leads, £400 a month is a bargain when you look at what else you could get for that money. Imagine that; a steady stream of leads coming day in, day out, at the volume that you want in your business… that’s the elixir, isn’t it?

And it’s available to you here, for £399 per month.