How many campaigns can I run at one time?

You can run as many ad campaigns as you like, but each campaign has a monthly subscription cost; currently £399 per month.

Most businesses will start off by running a single campaign. We’ll run it through test phase during the first three or four weeks. When we’ve finished the testing and the ads are all proven to produce leads, we’ll know which ones are working best so that we can scale it and put you into a live cycle.

If you have multiple products or multiple services that you want to promote on Facebook Ads, you might need to have multiple campaigns. Each campaign is a completely different and separate piece of work. What you’re paying for here is the campaign that you have running.

We have some clients who have four or five campaigns at a time – one even has six campaigns running at any given time – but typically, for most businesses, the place to start is with a single campaign. As you start to develop and grow, as you get more ambitious, and as your business starts to scale and bring in more money, the opportunity is there if you want more leads. New and different campaigns will bring in those