I don’t use Facebook myself – can I still run Facebook Ads?

I don’t use Facebook, yet I built a significant chunk of my business on the back of Facebook Ads, so ‘yes’ is the simple answer to this question. You can run Facebook Ads if you don’t use Facebook yourself, but you will need a Facebook account and you will need a Facebook page for your business, but you do not have to be active on Facebook to run ads, and I’m the living, breathing proof of that.

Your Facebook business page is very important, because the Lead Ads are part of a lead cycle. We will run those Lead Ads for you, which will be featured on Facebook. That is the anchor that plays within Facebook; the ads run from there and any leads generated from there (we will email those leads to you individually as they come through) will always be available for you to download from your Facebook business page.

You cannot run Facebook Lead Ads unless, or until, you have a Facebook business page, and you cannot set up a page until you have a Facebook account. You need those two things to get started, but you don’t have to use them on a daily basis in order to leverage the enormous power that the Facebook Ad platform provides.