How often can you change your ads?

The short answer is as often as you like, yet it is more complex than that.

We work in cycles with LeadCycle, and in the first phase we’ll go through a test cycle which typically runs from between two and three weeks. It is a critically important stage, because that’s when and where we are refining your ads with the help from all of the Facebook systems. We are perfecting the ads that are going to work best for you and during that test cycle we spread your ad budget across 20-25, or sometimes as many as 27 different ads.

At the end of the test cycle, we will have worked out which ads are performing the best and we are then able to focus all your budget on the one or two, sometimes three ads, that are getting the best response for you.

We then go into the live cycle. Ordinarily, a live cycle will run for one month, and at the end of that month we’ll look at what is happening to the response rate that you are getting. We will look at the numbers of ads that have been created, you’ll give some feedback on the quality of the leads that you’re receiving and we’ll decide in conjunction whether to run that same ad for another monthly cycle.

Running the same exact ad? It can happen, and it often does, especially if you have a large audience that you’re targeting.

Ads can generally run for multiple cycles, but if the ad is fatiguing, if it is getting fewer clicks, you are getting fewer leads, so we can change the ad and we’ll create a new campaign with a new ad for the next cycle.

The way we work at LeadCycle is this: what you are paying for with a monthly subscription is a campaign, and with this campaign runs an ad, and that ad runs through test cycle, and then goes into the monthly live cycle. See, it is simple, and complex at the same time!

You can change it at the end of that monthly lifecycle or you can keep it going. If you want to run multiple ads at the same time then you would need to purchase two subscriptions, because in effect that is double the amount of activity and it is double the amount of work. You can certainly have multiple campaigns running at the same time if that’s what you want to do, but the ads do change on a monthly cycle. That’s how the process will be streamlined with most businesses and Facebook Ads.