How many leads am I likely to get?

This is the big question, isn’t it? How many leads are you going to get? I’ll answer it as fully as I can, but I’m going to start the answer with another question:

How many leads would you like?

On Facebook, there is an enormous audience waiting to be tapped, and if you are prepared to spend the money, you really can get deluged in leads. The tap that we give you can be on full flow and will absolutely get you soaking wet in leads. As good as that sounds, that may not be the smartest thing for you to do. On your setup call with your Facebook Ads Manager, we’ll talk through some of the important numbers in your business to help you work this out.

One of the most important things you need to understand is this: how many leads do you need to get a customer? What I recognise, and I’m sure you do too, is that however many leads you get, they don’t pay the bills. It’s only when those leads turn into sales, and people start to give you money, that you can finally build your business.

So, your ability to convert leads is very, very important! And it is far smarter and better for you to have a smaller flow of leads that are all handled properly, that are followed up diligently and pursued in the right way, so that you can maximise the conversion. It is so much more important than having leads thrown at you left, right and centre, with the odd one coming through as a sale.

We’ll encourage you when you come onboard as a customer, and we’ll provide you with your own lead handling checklist with the things that you need to be aware of, so that when those all-important leads come in, you and your colleagues (and your team if you’ve got one) are able to deal with those leads in the right way – allowing you to maximise the conversions of those leads into sales. Once you’ve got that bit polished off, and you have a smooth system converting those leads that you are now receiving in a consistent, predictable manner, well, that’s when you’re in the absolute best seat, because now you can control that flow from your Facebook Ads almost to whatever level you want.

In our business, we love to get 200 leads a day. Facebook Ads are able to deliver that to us in a very cost-effective way that works really well for us. Now, 200 won’t necessarily be your number. There will be an optimum number for your business and we’ll work that number through with you. We can drive the leads with reasonable confidence for most businesses to get you somewhere close to that ideal lead number, but what that number actually is, is much more a factor of your ability to handle those leads properly and to convert them than it is of Facebook’s ability – or indeed, our ability – to generate the leads.

In that regard, answering this question with another question is an entirely valid thing to do. What you want to think about before you go ahead and start running Facebook Ads is to answer that initial question of mine: how many leads would you like?

What numbers are you going to be able to cope with and handle on a daily, or weekly basis, so that you’re not wasting money? There is no point in paying for leads that you can’t handle properly, that you let slip through the cracks due to lack of time or preparedness. It might make you feel good superficially, “I’ve got loads of leads coming in!”, but if you’re not dealing with them in the right way, you’re wasting your money your time, so answer that critical question first. Think that through deeply and then take action. Your Ads Manager can discuss it on the setup call, and once you have come onboard with us, we’ll get to the right answer for you and your business.