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How LeadCycle Works

We follow a proven four-stage process with all our clients.

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Stage 1. Strategise

The first step is always to establish exactly what your goals are. Maybe you want to acquire new customers or bring in more sales. Perhaps you want to generate leads or phone calls for your sales staff. Want your customers to remember your brand name or drive more in-store purchases? Whatever your goals may be, we work with you and your staff to determine precisely what you want and need.

We’ll analyse all of your available materials, previous campaigns, data, website traffic and any insights gained to help us create the best possible strategy for your business.

Our world-class digital strategists then go to work on crafting a bespoke and comprehensive 12-month ‘Lead Generation Plan’ for you and your business that will meet or exceed your goals.

This strategy will form the basis of the work that we do for you. We’ll talk you through it, make sure you understand it (don’t worry – you won’t find any technical jargon here!) and then, once you’ve approved it – we’ll get to work.

Stage 2. Advertise

This is when we start to work our magic. We begin by pin pointing your audience on Facebook. We use the most advanced tools and technologies on the market to ensure we only show your ads to people that are more likely to convert.

Then it’s over to our crack team to create all of the ad creatives, the landing pages, advertorials, set up multi-variate tests, tracking, dashboards and then of course create all of the ad campaigns themselves. Once again, we use all the best cutting edge tools, utilizing all of the most advanced tactics and strategies to make sure your campaign is as effective as it can be.

Stage 3. Optimise

The strategy and overall setup are absolutely critical for success. However, any of the best Facebook Ad Agencies will tell you the most difficult part of the process is the optimization and ability to scale your ad budget while maintaining quality and a healthy ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend).

This is where we truly shine bright.

We employ top data analysts and use proprietary software and algorithms to not just find what’s working sooner, but to scale it up to start driving real results for your business.

Whether it’s tweaking your ad type, copy, images, audience or more – it’s the little details that matter here – and that’s what we’re good at.

Stage 4. Revitalise

Once we know what’s working for you and your business and your campaigns are running thick and fast, we monitor the results, the metrics, the data and make sure everything continues as planned.

No matter how hard you try, all campaigns eventually start to slow down and that’s why we re-visit your Lead Generation Plan and update it when necessary to make sure you continue to consistently hit your targets.

We’ll launch new campaigns, update your target audience, your offer – whatever it takes to revitalise your campaign and get you the leads and results that you want.

Meet Your New Marketing Team

As a LeadCycle client you benefit from the experience, knowledge and technical wizardry of our entire team working for you on your campaigns to deliver results for your business.

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Account Manager

Your account manager is your main point of contact at LeadCycle. They’re experts in Facebook advertising and will oversee all aspects of your campaign including creating and targeting ads and leading the rest of your team. They’ll also report back to you on the results of your campaign so that you can keep track of every penny spent.


Our copywriters (who are now YOUR copywriters!) are skilled and trained in writing winning copy that sells. Writing a Facebook ad that delivers results is very different to other forms of marketing – but our team are renowned for their style and effectiveness.

Graphic Designer

Your business needs ads that stand out and do your business proud. Our designers have created tens of thousands of Facebook ads over the years (they know what works and what doesn’t) so you’re in safe hands.


There’s always room for improvement and it’s your analysts job to sift through the mountains of data that Facebook gives us to find the areas that need tweaking, honing and perfecting.

Want to Work With Us?

Our team profitably manages hundreds of thousands of pounds of Facebook advertising spend each month to help businesses (like yours) grow faster than they could on their own. We don’t see ourselves as Ads Managers; we’re partners working together to reach your business goals.

If you’re an established business already investing money in marketing your business and want to explode your sales for massive growth… then we need to talk.

If we work with you, we’ll get to know you deeply (it’s really a partnership) and we’ll get to know your customers deeply, too. Then we’ll craft Facebook ad campaigns for you that create awareness, interest, action and sales.

If we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll work with you to help you meet your business goals and grow your business faster than you could on your own.

Our best customers were struggling with:

1 Scaling campaigns where others get stuck

2 Selling their products or services directly on Facebook without being salesy or pushy

Does this sound like you?

If you would like help with your advertising; if you’ve hit a ceiling and are having trouble with scale; or if you’re actively looking to move your Facebook advertising to a dedicated outside partner, we’d like to hear from you.

Our customers spend at least £500 per month on advertising. However, if you’re not doing much on Facebook today, but are an established business that’s trying to truly leverage the power of Facebook advertising, we’d like to talk to you.

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Our 4 Step On-boarding
Process makes this simple.

Step 1

To get the ball rolling, click the button below and choose the best time for us to give you a call.

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Step 2

During that short conversation, we’ll talk about your goals, what you’re currently doing with Facebook and answer your questions. You can ask us questions too – and together, we’ll decide whether we can help you.

Step 3

If we discover that we can help you, we’ll set a start date and the team will begin their research into your business.

Step 4

You’ll start seeing the results of our work together in your business typically within 90 days of us getting started.

(Some campaigns are faster, some are slower. The truth is that when it comes to running consistent, successful Facebook campaigns – it’s a marathon – not a sprint!)

Got Questions?

If you’ve got questions about our service and how we could work for your business – let’s talk.

We NEVER work with a business that we’re not certain we can help.

What good would that do?!

And we do NOT believe in a ‘hard-sell’.

We prefer to get to know your business and let you get to know us. If we fit together well – we’ll take it from there.

So let’s see if WE are a good fit.

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The Next Steps...

If you’d like to discover how we can grow your business faster with Facebook Ads – let’s talk!

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We can’t wait.

So let’s see if WE are a good fit.

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