Are you going to manage my Facebook page for me?

No, we are not going to manage your Facebook page and we are not going to post any content on there. That’s not what LeadCycle is about.

There are plenty of social media managers out there who can create amazing content and share it for you if you want it, but it’s not our mission. What we’re about is generating leads for you.

We want to give you that tap which you can control – to give you a steady flow of leads and inquiries that is consistent as much as it is predictable, allowing you to find paying customers for your products and services. That’s a much more direct route to a sale than typical social media posts and images.

There’s a space and a place for that. We do recognise that you want to keep your Facebook page reasonably active to ensure that there are things going on in your business, but it’s not what we do, so we won’t be doing any of that for you. However, if you are looking for abundant and relevant leads, then we are here to help you navigate the complexities of Facebook.