Here at LeadCycle, we run scientific, proven Facebook Ads that generate a steady flow of quality leads for our clients.We honestly believe that Facebook provides business owners with the single most effective, powerful and affordable marketing platform in the world…

…so WHY would a business that puts so much time, energy and passion in explaining the power of Facebook to small business owners only have one solitary Facebook post on our page?

I’ll explain.

Facebook have spent millions creating incredibly complex algorithms that decide what content appears on your Newsfeed as you scroll through. It’s all geared towards providing you with the most relevant and engaging posts for you. Which is good.

Your best friends, your family, the people you engage with the most, all seem to magically appear (it’s not really magic, but to dive into the complex workings of Facebooks algorithm would take us down a bit of a rabbit hole!).

So for a business, any business, it’s very difficult to show up in your Newsfeed – unless you made Facebook think we were akin to your best friends and family.

For that to happen you’d have to ‘Like’ our Page, Follow us, engage with our content.

A lot.

And eventually, in time, our posts would appear in your Newsfeed. But as soon as you drift back to perfectly natural behaviour and put more focus on your friends and family and that funny picture of a pug riding a skateboard, we would fade into the ether.

Now, with a business like ours, with customers like ours, the chances are pretty slim of that much engagement happening. Not organically. Because small business owners are busy people. They, quite rightly, spend more time running their business than engaging with our content on our Facebook page.

Now if you’re a switched on business owner, then right now you’re probably questioning the sanity of a business whose foundations are built on the power of Facebook, and yet, they write a lengthy article about how impossible it is to get seen on the platform.

And you’d be right to do so.

So let me explain.

There are two ways that businesses like ours, and yours, can get our message in front of people on Facebook: 

Way #1. Organic Reach

This is what we’ve just talked about. Someone shows a keen interest in your posts and your page and so Facebook shows them more posts from that page.

It’s simple…

(…if you have millions of followers or employ people full-time to generate high quality engaging content, articles and videos and systematically post them at the optimum times to attract a large and loyal almost cult-like following).

The truth is it’ll take you months, if not years to perfect.

But there’s another way:

Way #2. Facebook Ads

You see, although Facebook (and their complex algorithms) show the posts from the people you engage with most at the top of your Newsfeed, they save a few select, premium slots on the Newsfeed for businesses willing to pay to appear there.

This is where Facebook Ads come in.

As a business, we can pay Facebook to show our content (or offers) to the people we want to see them.

And because Facebook knows everything there is to know about a person (literally. It’ll surprise you!), we have the unique opportunity to target our message to the exact people we want to see it.

Now Facebook ads are more expensive than just posting to your Page.
Because posting on your Page is free.

Know what else is free?

Standing in a field and shouting about your latest offer to the scarecrows.

And guess what.

You won’t get any sales from that either!

The truth is, paying for Facebook ads not only gets your message in front of more people, but it gets your message in front of the right people. People who we’ve carefully hand selected, who match strict criteria (as opposed to any old chump who stumbled across our Page and liked the look of our Cover Photo…).

Every single day, on every single test we’ve ever done, time and time again, for every business, in every sector, Facebook ads out-perform organic page posts. Every time.

So that’s why a ‘Facebook Agency’ only has a single Facebook post on its Facebook page.

We believe so strongly that investing in Facebook’s advertising is significantly more profitable than organic Facebook posts – and at LeadCycle, we’re all about doing what works. And generating impressive ROI!