Do Facebook Ads work for B2B businesses?

Yes, unequivocally yes.

Facebook Ads do work for B2B businesses and I’ll tell you why. The first reason is that business owners are real people and they are also on Facebook. And business owners, entrepreneurs in particular, well, we never switch off, do we? We always have our little antennae tuned in for things that might be helpful or useful for our business.

In terms of B2B, certainly if you’re dealing with small and medium-sized businesses, it’s an unequivocal, definitive yes. If your market is the large corporates, then I do accept that things become a little more blurred and there may be better and more effective ways to get your message out to your target market.

If SMEs are your target market, then Facebook Ads are almost certainly capable of being a very lucrative lead source for you. The targeting capability of Facebook Ads is incredibly advanced. And it used to be the case that when I was a kid growing up, the brightest brains on the planet went to work for NASA. Nowadays, the brightest brains on the planet are ensconced in Silicon Valley, working at Google or Facebook, and what they’re developing with Facebook in particular is the Facebook Ad platform.

This is the money tree for Facebook, and pretty much all of their revenue comes from advertising. Facebook is very progressive, very committed and very focused on making the Facebook Ad platform as smart and as clever and as good as it can possibly be. That’s great news for us as business owners, and it means that we can target very specifically, not just by demographics, but in particular by behaviour and interest as well.

One campaign we recently ran was for one of our LeadCycle customers. We were able to target employees of a large company, the people who work for specific big companies, and we can target the location of their headquarters. You can absolutely look for business owners who are interested in certain types of things. With certain campaigns, you can target by job title, for instance.

In our own business, we only deal B2B. Entrepreneurs Circle is a B2B organisation and we are bringing in a couple of hundred of leads every single day and we’re converting plenty of them into sales. It’s working wonders for us! We have many LeadCycle clients who we run different campaigns for, also in the B2B market, and it’s able to work for them too.

We’re happy to talk through this with you and understand your business needs. Have a call with one of our experts by clicking one of the buttons on this website. You can also schedule a call with the team or give us a call on the number at the top of the page and we can talk specifically about your situation. Please don’t be put off Facebook Ads by thinking that it’s only for consumers. That is definitely not the case.

Facebook Ads can absolutely work for businesses who are targeting other businesses. Try it and see for yourself!