Why should I choose LeadCycle by Entrepreneurs Circle over any other agency out there?

Here are three specific areas to help you decide between us and our competitors.

Firstly, our online expertise sets us apart.

There is no company providing anything as specialised as the kind of service that LeadCycle offers, which has been built from scratch to the tune of eight separate million pound plus businesses, over the last 13 years. And there is almost certainly no one spending more on their own Facebook Ads to build their own business than we do right now, so our Facebook lead-generating expertise puts us right at the top of the tree.

The second reason you want to think about using LeadCycle is our intense focus.

Our focus is only on Facebook Ads. We are not a social media agency. We are not going to keep your Facebook page populated with posts and images, and we are not going to be putting things on LinkedIn for you or getting you recommendations. We are about generating a steady flow of consistent leads into your business through the use of Facebook Ads. Our expertise and our focus are two very relevant factors.

The third piece of this puzzle is our convenient prices.

We are able to offer this lead generation service at a great price because of our economies of scale. We operate out of our headquarters in Solihull, near the NEC in Birmingham, where we have over 50 staff members. We have our own training academy. We don’t just trade on Facebook Ads; we cover the whole gamut of business growth and entrepreneurial support, but the price point at which we are able to offer this service is a factor of the economies of scale.

Expertise, focus and price are three big elements for you to understand when considering why you might want to give us a try.

We don’t of course want to tie you in. There isn’t any contract.

However, we do ask for a three-month commitment because it takes that long just to get this optimised lead generation moving, but you know that you’ll run through the test cycle into your first live campaign and things will work well for you during that, and you’ll be able to make your decision during that three-month period. Thereafter, you can stop it at any point if you want to.

Finally, I would like you to understand why we’re doing this.

When I formed Entrepreneurs Circle back in 2010, we aimed to educate, motivate, help and inspire entrepreneurs and business owners all over the country to achieve more than they ever thought possible. As part of our regular programme of looking at and evaluating what we are doing and asking how we can help our members to achieve more success in their business, what became very apparent is the huge power that Facebook Ads have for any business.

Facebook Ads help you grow and get that steady flow of leads, and the most useful thing that we could do was to provide that service because we have the expertise, we have the focus and we can do it at a very affordable price. Understanding our “why” is perhaps useful when you’re answering this particular question. This is a very honest and broad appraisal of why we’re doing this – now you have the opportunity to decide if these reasons resonate with you.