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Scientific Facebook Ads That Work
Done-For-You by Entrepreneurs Circle
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…waking up every morning knowing that today your business is going to receive another steady stream of leads and enquiries.
Imagine never having to worry about where your next sale will come from.
Imagine what it feels like when you’re able to focus on running your business, doing what you love, because your marketing is effectively taken care of.
With ‘LeadCycle’ by Entrepreneurs Circle, that’s exactly what you get.
We run proven, high converting Facebook Ads that generate a steady flow of quality leads, completely done for you.
What We Do:
Define your audience
Your ideal customers are on Facebook – and we know how to find them. We’ll use all our experience – and all of Facebook’s unique targeting tools – to get you in front of them.
Craft a great offer
We’ll use our 12 years of experience of marketing UK businesses (and building eight separate million pound plus businesses of our own), to work our magic and craft a compelling offer that works to get leads for your business.
Write ad copy that works
Our expert copywriters will do what they do best and produce ad copy that works – speaking to your target market and compelling them to get in touch.
Create images that grab attention
Our designer will take the ad copy and create a selection of powerful images that are sure to catch the right people’s eyes and get them to pay attention.
Test, Test, Test…
This is the clever bit! We use our cutting edge, proprietary, technology to run not just one ad, but dozens – split testing different headlines, images and ad placements for you and your business until we find the ones that actually work!
Analyse and optimise
Our team will constantly monitor and then analyse the different variations of your ad and fully optimise your campaign including ‘Real-Time Budget Optimisation’ so you never waste another penny on ads that don’t work.
Review, rinse and repeat…

Once we know what works, we hit the thrusters and kick your now proven ads into gear. You’ll receive an email every time you get a lead and should see a steady flow pouring in ready to be converted into customers.

What You Do:
other than receive a steady flow of quality leads
LeadCycle Done-For-You
It couldn’t be simpler.
It’s affordable for pretty much every UK business and there’s no contracts or long-term tie-in.
Nigel Botterill
Why We Started
Over the last 12 years me and my team have built, from scratch, eight separate million pound + businesses right here in the UK. To do that we’ve got good – really good – at getting customers and I promise you, in the history of mankind there has never been a better way to get in touch with your target customers and engage with them than there is with Facebook Ads.
Since 2015 we’ve been teaching Facebook Advertising through our Training Academy, which helps upto 13,000 people every year, and my team of more than 50, based at our colourful HQ near the NEC in Birmingham, have become the ‘go-to’ place for anyone in the UK who wants to grow their business and get more customers. But teaching is different to ‘doing’ and what we recognised is that the best way for us to help most businesses isn’t to teach them but to do it for them. And that’s why LeadCycle was created.
When you know what you’re doing, Facebook make it easy to target the people who are right for your business and before you know it…BOOM, you’ve got a new lead, a new prospect, a new customer.

And we make that happen many times every single day for many hundreds of businesses.

And we can make it happen for you too.

Nigel Botterill
Facebook Ads Are The Single Most
Powerful Marketing Tool In The World
More than 2 billion people use Facebook every month.
Your target market is definitely in there!
LeadCycle - 2 Billion Facebook users
LeadCycle - Five minutes
One in every five minutes spent on a mobile device is on Facebook.
Which is why your ads will get seen – and clicked.
Facebook advertising allows you to promote your business to a highly targeted audience – very cost effectively – to bring in a steady flow of leads for you.
How Our Facebook Ads Work
Here at LeadCycle we get you leads. And the best way to do that, is with Facebook’s Lead Ads…
LeadCycle - The Ad
The Ad
Your ideal prospect sees your Facebook Ad (that we’ve created) on their Facebook Newsfeed and clicks it to learn more.
LeadCycle - AutoFilled Form
Auto Filled Form
A form opens up within Facebook, automatically filled with the information Facebook knows about the person.
LeadCycle - Submit a lead
Your prospect clicks the submit button and we’re done! They’ve submitted their info and you’ll receive an email with their details.
LeadCycle - generate leads
Your business needs to predictably and consistently generate leads; and right now, for most businesses, Facebook is the single most effective – and affordable – way to do this.
So, outsource your lead generation to the UKs smartest marketers because with LeadCycle by Entrepreneurs Circle working for you, you really will get leads while you sleep.